Daimler Double Six Coupe

This Rare Daimler Double Six Coupe is one of only 400 produced, making it one of the lowest volume cars ever to come from Jaguar.

Stored in a shipping container for several years, at first glance, once we had washed away the grime, it appeared in reasonable condition.

As is typical, things got a lot worst when we stripped, and media blasted the shell. Required were replacement floor pans, door skins, rear valance, and substantial repairs were carried out in most other areas. In addition, all of the chrome was refinished, and the vinyl roof was replaced.

The option of air conditioning was not added when new, so the client instructed us to supply and fit a complete Webasto roof.

A full retrim was required as the interior trim had dried out and was almost like cardboard due to its time been cooked inside the container, and unfortunately, no amount of treatment would be able to revive.

We completely rebuilt the V12 engine, which was still in reasonably good order after 43 years, even the injectors working well after sonic cleaning.

It is Fantastic that people are prepared to spend the sums of money required to bring these great cars up to this standard.

Justification is because although not for sale when on display at the London Classic, we were offered six figured sums on several occasions.

Upon completion, this car was featured in July’s edition of Jaguar World.

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