1964 Series 1 E-Type Jaguar

The 30th 4.2 Series 1 E-type was produced on the 4th September 1964 and dispatched to Jaguar Cars New York USA.

The first owner a Mr Goldstine from Atherton, California, who owned the car until 1967 when it was sold to its second owner Stuart and Luella Berry from Santa Cruz, California, who was one of the founder members of the Jaguar Associate Club of North America and remained in the same family ownership for 45 years until re-patriated into the UK.

The car’s condition was extremely tired, although very original. Upon carrying out a total nut and bolt restoration, we discovered zero rust and unbelievably retaining all of its original panels just as when it left Browns Lane in 1964.

We media stripped and repainted the body in its original paint colour of Opalescent Maroon. The complete interior was retrimmed in Beige as the original. All of the other components were repainted and refurbished as necessary, even including the original shock absorbers.

As you can see, we have restored this E-type to the highest standard possible, including the finish to the underside to show what level we can achieve.

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