1972 1200cc VW Beetle

Been almost 50 years old and has lived its whole life outside, this Beetle was in a sorry state and needed very urgent surgery before it fell apart.

Stripped and media blasted, we were shocked that the car was still in one piece. Front and rear wings were replaced with new panels, as were the floors and door skins.

We replaced all of the glass with the front and rear screens now heated. The front brakes have been upgraded to discs, and the rears are also new. A new wiring loom with alternator upgrade from the original dynamo to cope with the extra load from the heated screens has been fitted.

We rebuilt the engine to the original specification. All the suspension has been replaced along with a complete exhaust system. New stainless steel bumpers, new wheel and the list goes on.

The interior has been partly replaced carpets, headlining etc. The car has been a Herbie for most of its life, so we have retained the same look, although the stripes are now painted rather than stickers.

Hopefully, this little car will still be around in 50 years?

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